ClassHook Gets a New Look

ClassHook is a service that I recommend trying when you’re looking for video clips to illustrate a concept and don’t want just another “how to” video. ClassHook provides a search tool for finding clips from well-known television shows and movies to be used in your lessons. You can search according to topic, standard, grade level, and length of video clip. As good as ClassHook is, the user interface was a little clunky until yesterday when a new user interface was revealed.

ClassHook’s new user interface streamlines the search and browse section of the site. Now when you click on “browse” you will find all of the search refinement options listed in one convenient place next to the clips that you’re browsing through.

When you do find a video clip that you want to use in ClassHook you’ll find that the tools for working with that video are easier to access than they previously were. When you select a video all of the tools for adding discussion questions, creating pause prompts, and sharing the clip are clearly labeled directly above and below the video.

My favorite ClassHook feature is the Pause Prompts feature. This lets you add questions to the timeline of the video. The question appears and pauses the video when it reaches the point in the video that you have specified. Watch my video that is embedded below to see how Pause Prompts work.


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