5 Highlights of Getting Organized With Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep

This Thursday at 4pm ET I’m hosting a Practical Ed Tech Webinar titled Get Organized With Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep. It is the first of four webinars that I’m hosting on Practical Ed Tech in August.

In the video embedded below I highlight the key elements of Thursday’s webinar.

5 Highlights of the Webinar

  • How to streamline your workflow through Google Classroom.
  • How to organize and share resources with students.
  • How to keep track of goals (yours and your students’) through Google Keep and Calendar.
  • How to streamline meetings and meeting scheduling.
  • How to save time when giving feedback on students’ documents and presentations.
Professional Development Certificates
  • I provide a certificate for attending the webinar. Whether or not the organization that governs your teaching certificate/ license will accept it is a determination that you will have to make. Some organizations will accept it for contact hours/ credits toward certificate/license renewal and some will not. 

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