Forms, Expeditions, and RSS – The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where I’m looking forward to a fun day of playing outside with my daughters. Earlier this week I took a day off to take them to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine. They love seeing all of the animals there so much that we have an annual pass to the park (thanks mom/ grammie). I hope that you had a good week and something fun planned for the weekend too. If part of your plans include catching up on some reading, take a look at this week’s most popular posts on Free Technology for Teachers.

These were the week’s most popular posts:
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4. What is RSS? How Can You Use It?
5. Live Nature Webcams – Lambs, Eaglets, Piglets, and Calves, Oh My!
6. 5 Google Earth Pro Tips for Teachers and Students
7. Checkology – Lessons in Being Discerning Media Consumers

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