In Case You Forgot That Someone Is Always Watching…

From the pages of “Google knows when you are sleeping” comes Google’s latest search feature. Google has launched new activity cards for mobile search users. These new activity cards will appear at the top of your search page. The cards will suggest pages to you based on the last searches that you conducted. Google says the idea behind this new feature is to help people resume a previous search or retrace the steps of a previous search. You will be able to save and add links to your activity cards.

The new search cards in the Google mobile app and in the mobile version of Chrome should start appearing today for users in the United States. According to Google’s announcement, you will be able to remove items from the activity cards and or completely turn-off the activity cards feature.

Applications for Education
I have mixed feelings about this new feature. On one hand, it could help students continue the momentum of a good search session. On the other hand, it has the potential to skew students’ search results or serve them results that are influenced by past searches when what they really need is to start from scratch. Of course, it can be argued that Google already does that.


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