Three Ways You Can Earn a Side Income Online (After School Ends)

The Internet provides many opportunities for people to earn a side income online. If you’re reading this blog, you’re helping me make some of my income. But there are other ways that teachers can make a side income online. In the following video and in this blog post that I published yesterday I explain the basics of affiliate marketing, online teaching/ tutoring services, and selling digital products like lesson plans.

It was at this time ten ago that I bought a few domains to carve-out my niche in the educational technology landscape. I had been blogging for a year at that time and with a nudge from Allen Stern I finally bought a few domains and moved off of a .blogspot address. The timing was perfect because I was on school vacation and I had a little time to tinker. The timing was also perfect because I needed to figure out a way to make a little side income and blogging seemed to be a means toward that end. I was thinking about that yesterday when I published three ways teachers can earn a side income online.

Slides from the video:

Ditch TPT & Sell Your Digital Products

From Blog to Job – TeacherPreneur Jumpstart


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