Coming Soon – PIN Access to Google Drive Files

Sharing Google Drive files with people who don’t have Google accounts is possible if you set the file to “anyone with the link can view.” However, that’s not a great option if the file contains information that you don’t want the entire world to be able to access. Google has announced a potential remedy to that problem in the form of PIN access for Google Drive files.

PIN access for Google Drive files is a beta feature and your G Suite domain administrator needs to apply to participate in the beta. The PIN feature will let you invite people who don’t have Google accounts to collaborate on a document, slideshow, or spreadsheet by entering a PIN. Just like when you share files with G Suite users, you will be able revoke access for those who access files through a PIN.

Applications for Education
I can see this PIN feature being useful for administrators who need to share documents or spreadsheets with contractors and consultants who work with your school district but are not employees who have G Suite accounts. PIN access could be a more secure option than downloading a document and sending it as an attachment.


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