Canvas – A Good Alternative to Google Drawings for Tablet Users

Canvas is a new drawing tool from Google. Canvas is a great alternative to Google Drawings for iPad and Android tablet users. Canvas lets anyone create a drawing in his or her web browser by simply going to Once there you can start drawing on a blank canvas. There are four drawing tools that you can use to draw in a wide array of colors.

Canvas doesn’t have to be used to create a drawing from scratch. You can upload a picture and draw on top of it. Either way, when your drawing is complete you can download it as a PNG file. All of your drawings are also stored in your Google account at Watch my video that is embedded below to see Canvas in action.

Applications for Education
Canvas could be a good little tool for students to use to create mind maps on their tablets, phones, or laptops. It could also be good for annotating diagrams and pictures.

H/T to Chrome Unboxed


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