How I Found a Google Earth File of 550+ Ancient Greek Places

Last night on Twitter Wes Fryer asked me if I knew of any Google Earth files that displayed ancient Greek locations. I didn’t have anything within my own bookmarks so I did a quick Google search that I filtered according to file type. I first filtered by file type .KMZ but that didn’t get me anywhere. My second search I filtered by file type .KML. That search landed me on what I thought was a promising file. However, as you can see in my video below, the file was simply a frame of a website that talked about Google Earth files about ancient Greece. While that framed website didn’t display placemarks it did contain a link to discussion forum in which some people had created a KML file containing more than 550 Ancient Greek places. Watch my video to see how this process played out.

Update May 29, 2019: The creator of the file reached out to me to clarify that all of the work was his alone and not a collaboration. The creator of the file is Loren Hall who goes by the name Apollonious. Here’s what he shared with me:

It was not made by a group of people, I made it and posted it on the
google forums. I am Apollonius.

Anyway just thought I’d let you know where the list came from, I had to
look for the coordinates using various techniques, and the whole process
took several years to complete. There was a forum called “archaeology
fieldwork” years ago that I used to post in at various stages of
completion, but I don’t think that board exists any more. I would post
at 200 places, and then 300, etc. It was very tedious and time-consuming
at times, but I love the work.

Again, I’m glad the list is getting some use! It once was official
google content, but now it’s gotten moved to someplace else. I have no
idea what google is doing, but I still care about my Greek places, that
was an insane amount of work!

But again, I’m glad you getting some use out of them. Teachers are the
BEST use for them. 🙂

~Loren Hall (‘Apollonius’)


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