Free Webinar – Making Great Handouts With Storyboard That Templates

At the end of yesterday’s post about making printable story cubes I mentioned that I’m hosting a free webinar next week. The webinar will go into detail about using the printable story cube and other handout templates that are offered by Storyboard That. Storyboard That is a great tool for those who don’t consider themselves to be artistically-inclined because Storyboard That offers more than 40,000 pieces of artwork that you can drag and drop to make great designs. And next Tuesday at 4pm Eastern Time you can learn all about how to make great looking handouts through Storyboard That.

In Making Great Handouts With Storyboard That Templates you will learn how you can use the features of Storyboard That to create great-looking worksheets, story cubes, and instructional templates.

And for the entrepreneurial teacher, this webinar will include ideas on making worksheets and other handouts to sell on places like Teachers Pay Teachers and Gumroad.

Register here for Making Great Handouts With Storyboard That Templates.

The webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live broadcast. Everyone who is registered will be sent a copy of the recording, there is no need to email me to request a copy of the recording.


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