Kahoot Adds New Features for Teachers

Kahoot has just announced a feature that teachers have requested for a long time. You can now upload a spreadsheet of questions to create a game in Kahoot. To do this you have to use Kahoot’s spreadsheet template. I think that after you’ve used the template a time or two writing quiz questions and answers will be faster in a spreadsheet than in Kahoot’s current game builder (which you can still use).

Spreadsheet importing is not the only new feature that Kahoot announced today. Kahoot’s mobile app now includes access to a library of 2,000 free images that you can include in your Kahoot games. This library was previously only available when creating games in the Kahoot website.

The navigation within your Kahoot account was updated in this latest round of Kahoot improvements. Your account will now has a streamlined display of games you’ve created, games you have “favorited,” and games that have been shared with you.

The following video provides an overview of Kahoot’s new features. I recommend turning off your volume when you watch the video unless you really feel like listening to that annoying Kahoot music for two minutes.


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