A Great Place to Find WordPress Tutorials

Creating a classroom or personal blog on hosted services like Blogger, Weebly, or Edublogs is rather quick and easy process. Services like these provide easy-to-follow templates and manage all of the software and security updates that a lot of people don’t want to spend time fussing with. But if you blog long enough there may come a time when you want to have more customization options on your blog. That’s when you might turn to self-hosting a WordPress blog. That’s why last year I created this guide to help to creating a self-hosted WordPress blog.

My guide will help you get started. After you get the basic framework of your self-hosted blog established, there are nearly infinite customization options that you can use. When it comes to learning how to customize your self-hosted WordPress blog, there is not a better place than WP Beginner. WPBeginner offers free video tutorials and written tutorials about all of the basics of WordPress customization and many advanced customization options too. On WP Beginner you can find everything from how to change your default font size to how to add background color effects to how to create a forum within your WordPress blog.

Applications for Education
If you’ve been looking to take your classroom blog to the next level by including a classroom discussion forum within it or by creating better-looking portfolio pages, WPBeginner is a good resource to keep bookmarked.


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