What is a Storyboard? – History and Use Cases

Over the years I’ve written many blog posts about using storyboards in a variety of classroom settings. I’ve even hosted webinars on the topic. But until today I never wondered about the origins of storyboards. That changed when I read Aaron Sherman’s What is a Storyboard?

In What is a Storyboard? Aaron Sherman, founder of Storyboard That, explains the origins of storyboards and provides examples of how they’re using in film production, in business, and in classrooms. Did you know that Gone With the Wind was the first live-action movie to be completely drawn out on storyboards before filming? That must have been a lot of storyboards!

Read What is a Storyboard? to find examples of using storyboards to help students understand new vocabulary, to analyze literature, and to create a narrative.

And for a complete overview of how you can use storyboards in your classroom, watch the recording of this webinar that I hosted last fall.

Disclosure: Storyboard That is an advertiser on FreeTech4Teachers.com


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