A Complete Guide to Making Videos in Microsoft Photos

Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download and Microsoft now recommends using the video creation tools that are built into Microsoft Photos. In Microsoft Photos you can create videos that feature your pictures or other pictures that you have permission to use (Creative Commons licensed or Public Domain).

At the most basic level the video creation option in Microsoft Photos lets you arrange a set of pictures in the sequence in which you want them to appear in a video and then add music to play in the background. That’s exactly what the old Movie Maker program did too. But Microsoft Photos offers more video creation and editing features. You can set the duration of display for each image on an individual basis, add titles and text to each image, add narration, and even add 3D effects to your videos created in Microsoft Photos.

Microsoft News Centre UK recently published a helpful set of tutorial videos that can help you create videos in Microsoft Photos. I’ve embedded a couple of those tutorial videos below.

Getting Started

3D and Special Effects

Applications for Education
If your school uses Windows 10 or your students use Windows 10 on their personal computers, Microsoft Photos could be a great tool for students to use to create videos. The fine controls over timing make it a better choice than some automated audio slideshow video tools without introducing the complications of using full-fledged video editors.


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