What’s Going On With Flippity? – I Found Out for You

A few weeks ago I was giving a presentation that included a demonstration of Flippity’s Google Sheets Add-on. A few minutes after the presentation a bunch of people told me that they received a security warning when they tried to install the Add-on. (I hadn’t seen the message because it was a new development since I installed the Add-on). Since then I’ve fielded a bunch of emails and Facebook messages from folks who were experiencing the same thing.

I reached out to Flippity’s developer to find out what was going on. In short, he is aware of the issue of the app not being verified and is working on resolving it (like many of our favorite tools, Flippity is developed by one person).

In the meantime you can still use all of the Flippity templates by just going to Flippity.net and then making a copy of any of the templates. Flippity currently offers sixteen Google Sheets templates that you can use for things like making multimedia flashcards, creating progress trackers, developing quiz games, and writing Mad Libs.


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