Six New Features Coming to Google Forms

Google Forms has long been a go-to tool for teachers to create surveys and give quizzes online. Today, Google announced six new features that are going to make Google Forms better than ever. Like most updates to G Suite, these features will be rolled out gradually so if you don’t see them today, you will see them soon.

Answer Suggestions

  • This isn’t what you think. Google Forms isn’t going to give students answer suggestions, it’s going to give you answer suggestions when you’re creating a quiz. For example, if I’m writing a quiz about state capitals, Google Forms will suggest the correct answers as well as some incorrect answers to use in a multiple choice quiz. 
Image courtesy of Google for Education Trusted Product Advisors.
Automatically Grade Grid Questions
  • Automatic grading of multiple choice and short answer questions has been an option for almost two years. Now that option is expanding to grid response questions. You’ll be able to use this feature on checkbox grid and multiple choice grid questions. 
Autocomplete Answers
  • This seems similar to Answer Suggestions. Google Forms will attempt to autocomplete the answer choices while you write questions. 
Decimal Grades
  • This is a feature that people have asked about for years. Finally, you can give half and quarter points when grading responses to a quiz. 
Video Feedback
  • You’ve actually been able to do this for a while, but now it’s easier to include a YouTube video in answer feedback. 

Image courtesy of Google for Education Trusted Product Advisors.
Tally points while writing a quiz
  • Now when you’re writing a quiz and assigning point values, a current point tally will be visible at the top of the quiz. And don’t forget that you can save yourself a lot of time by setting a default value for all quiz questions


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