ClassHook Adds a New Feature for Using Videos in Your Classroom

ClassHook is a free service that helps you locate video clips to use in your classroom. ClassHook’s best feature is being able to search for video clips according to subject and topic. Most of the video clips that you’ll find on ClassHook come from well-known television shows and movies.

Over the weekend ClassHook introduced a new feature that filters profanity from videos. ClassHook calls the feature “profanity skipping” and it does what the name implies. As a video plays back, any profanity in the clip is skipped. ClassHook developed this feature in response to teachers who said they had found a clip that would be useful in a lesson except for one two swear words. ClassHook’s profanity skipping feature will let those teachers use those clips.

Applications for Education
ClassHook can save you time the next time that you’re searching for a video clip to support a point in your lesson plan. It can also be helpful in finding a video to build a flipped lesson upon.

ClassHook uses YouTube as its source of videos. Create a YouTube playlist to organize the clips that you find through ClassHook.


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