10 Blog Post Ideas for Your School Blog

“I don’t know what to write about” is one of reasons that many people cite for not regularly updating their school or classroom blogs. One of the ways that teachers and principals can avoid running out of blog post topics is to think about the questions that parents frequently ask during parent-teacher conferences or during open house nights. That’s what I did to generate the following list of ten blog post topics for school and classroom blogs.

  • How to manage your child’s web use.
  • How to talk to kids about cyber safety.
  • A list of new books arriving in your library or classroom.
  • 5 fun, free educational activities to do at home. (Exploratorium’s Science Snacks is a great resource for that).
  • 5 local field trips to do on rainy days.
  • 5 local field trips to do on sunny days.
  • A glossary of Tween vocabulary.
  • 5 things parents should know about Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ Snapchat/ YouTube.
  • 5 tasty and healthy snacks to send to school.
  • How to talk to kids about bullying.
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