Polar Training Scholarship

This post is a little bit out of the norm for this blog, but I’m sharing it because one of you might, like me, have dreams of adventures in very cold climates. World-renowned adventurer Eric Larsen is offering a “polar training scholarship.” This scholarship will be awarded to one aspiring polar explorer who would like to learn from Eric during a week-long training camp on Lake Winnipeg.

Applications for Eric Larsen’s Polar Training Scholarship are open now. The chosen recipient will spend one week in January on Lake Winnipeg with Larsen and his team. All expenses including travel, equipment, and food are included in the scholarship.

Applications for Education
Part of the application for this scholarship includes requests for social media profiles and “how/ why is this experience going to change your life.” I would think that an adventurous teacher could use the angle that it will not only change his/her life, but that it could also have a positive impact on his/her students’ lives.

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