Kiddom Introduces an Android App

Kiddom is one of the learning management systems that I occasionally recommend to folks who are looking for an alternative to Google Classroom. One of the helpful features that Kiddom offers is an integrated search for assignment materials. For example, fourth grade teachers can search for mathematics assignments that are aligned to standards of their choosing. When a material is found teachers can then assign it to their students as a homework assignment, as a quiz, or as a long-term assignment.

This week Kiddom introduced a free Android app. The app provides teachers with the same tools for creating assignments and giving feedback that are found in the browser-based version of Kiddom.

Applications for Education
Kiddom can be a good choice for teachers who are not currently using a learning management system and want to start using an LMS to organize and distribute assignments. It can also be a good choice for schools who are not married to the Google or Microsoft ecosystems.


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