Mega Feedback – A Good Way to Organize Feedback

Mega Feedback is a new tool from the same person that developed Mega Seating Plan and Mega Name Picker. Both of those tools have been popular with readers of this blog and I think that Mega Feedback will become popular too.

Mega Feedback is designed to help you quickly record, save, and distribute short bits of feedback for your students. To use Mega Feedback you log into the site, choose or create a class list, choose a student, and then start writing feedback. Mega Feedback is currently limits you to three positive feedback notes and three notes about areas for improvement. When you’re done recording the feedback you can move on to the next student in your list or you can print the feedback that you have recorded.

Currently, Mega Feedback only lets you print the feedback that you record. In the near future you will be able to share feedback through email or Google Classroom.

Applications for Education
In its current form, Mega Feedback could be a good tool for recording feedback about presentations that students give in your classroom. The feedback template is easy enough and flexible enough to use when recording feedback on almost any student’s presentation.


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