Why You Should Give Google Sites Another Try

Google Sites was not always the most user-friendly product. It was confusing, clunky, and  difficult even for people who were comfortable using technology. While Google updated other products on a regular basis, Sites largely ignored. Then the new version was released and it was not just an update, it was an entirely new product.

The updated version could not be easier to use. You simply click anywhere to add URL’s, images, or text. You can also insert items directly from Google Drive, embed websites as iframes, and upload a variety of file types.

Google Sites are a great platform to use for classroom websites because you can create static pages to house resources that will be used throughout the entire year. Teachers can create a page on a classroom website that has links to student assignments and projects which makes it easy for parents to see what is happening in class. There is a brand new update to Google Sites that allows users to nest up to five pages. This makes it even easier to customize the way Sites are organized. 

Students can create their own Google Site to use as a portfolio of their work. Maybe it will showcase their work for just one class or maybe it will be a collection of their best work that they will curate from one year to the next. Google Sites are also a great platform to use for collaboration on group projects.

If it has been a while since you used Google Sites, this would be a great time to give them another try.


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