Next Week is Free Webinar Week!

Next week I am hosting three free professional development webinars. I hope that you can join me for one, two, or all three of them.

Help Kids Discover New Information
On Tuesday at 4pm ET I am hosting 7 Ways to Help Kids Discover and Analyze New Information. In the webinar you will learn how to help students form better search phrases, how to help kids analyze the resources they find, and how to collaborate on research. You’ll also discover how online resources like webs and mind maps can lead students to information that they might not otherwise connect to their original search queries. Register here. (This webinar is sponsored by Kids Discover).

Understanding Copyright
On Tuesday evening at 7pm ET Beth Holland and I are presenting Copyright for Teachers. Some of what we’ll cover in this webinar includes why teachers should care about copyright, common misconceptions about Fair Use, and how to find copyright-friendly media. Please join us to learn about this important topic that anyone re-using media from the Internet should understand. (This webinar isn’t sponsored by anyone other than me and Beth and our passion for the topic).

Augmented Reality in Education
On Thursday afternoon at 4pm ET I will be hosting The Past, Present, and Future of Augmented Reality in Education. In this webinar you can learn what AR (augmented reality) is and how it is different from VR (virtual reality) and how AR has been and is being used in classrooms. Finally, we’ll look at how you and your students can create augmented reality apps even if you have never coded before. Click here to register. (This webinar is sponsored by Metaverse). 

Each webinar will be recorded. If you cannot attend the live session, you will be able to see the recording posted on my YouTube channel the next day.


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