Try the Mega Seating Plan Android App

Last week I suggested using the Mega Seating Plan website as a tool for creating random and or assigned seating charts. Yesterday, I learned that Mega Seating Plan launched a free Android app. Mega Seating Plan’s free Android app is a companion to the web app.

The Mega Seating Plan Android app will let you view your seating charts. The app also includes an option to randomly select students from any of your seating charts.

To use the Mega Seating Plan Android app you will have to create an account on the website and import your rosters there as well. The Android app is mostly just for the convenience of viewing plans on your mobile device and occasionally selecting students at random for group activities or participation in discussions.

Applications for Education
As I wrote last week, Mega Seating Plan could provide you with a quick way to shuffle the seating plans in your classroom. You might also use it to randomly create working groups in your classroom. To do that just arrange seats in groups then use the random assignment function to put students into working groups.


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