Read2Me – Free Text to Audio Conversion

Read2Me is a free service that will convert a webpage or an uploaded document into an audio file that you can listen to on the Read2Me website.

To use Read2Me you simply have to paste a link to an article or upload a file and then be patient while it converts to audio. When the conversion is complete you can hit the play button on Read2Me and listen to the text of the article spoken aloud. You can adjust the speed at which the narrator speaks. 60 seconds of audio can be produced for you without having to create an account on Read2Me. If you do create an account, you can have five minutes of audio produced per day. As a frame of reference, a typical article from a news website yields less than five minutes of audio.

Applications for Education
Read2Me could be a useful resource as a support to students while reading a news article. In the past I have used similar tools to play the audio of an article while my students were reading a printed copy of the same. This helped some of my students be able to participate in group discussions about a current events story.

Announcify is a similar tool that you might want to try for converting text to audio. I created a demonstration video and published it here.


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