6 New Google Classroom Features to Note

Earlier today Google published a blog post that featured ten updates to Google Classroom and Google Forms. A few of those updates are relatively minor and one was just a reminder of a previous update to Google Forms (previously covered in this post). Here are the updates to Google Classroom that you should note.

1. Google has improved how you can view your students’ work in Google Classroom. You can now select a student in your Classroom and view all of his or her work in one stream. Previously, you had to go through each assignment and look for an individual student. This update makes it easier to see all of an individual student’s assignments in one place.

2. Transfer classes to another teacher. For a while now you have been able to add a co-teacher to a Google Classroom class. This update lets administrators and or teachers transfer ownership of the class.

3. A slight improvement has been made to the gradebook in Google Classroom. You can now use decimal points in your grading.

4. Administrators can now save teachers time by syncing rosters from your student management system with Google Classroom. In other words, admins can set-up Classrooms for teachers. Admins can learn more about this process here and here.

5. Speaking of Classroom set-up, you can now display the join code for your Classroom in full screen.

6. Finally, new 3rd party services have been made available for seamless integration into Google Classroom. Those new services are Kami, Quizizz, and Edcite.

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