5 New Google Forms Features

Earlier today Google announced the release of five new features for Google Forms users. Four of the five new features are significant for most users. 

The first update to Google Forms to note is a new response format option. A new “checkbox grid” response format lets you create questions that require multiple responses. For example, you can ask people to pick a day from a list of choices then choose a time from a list of choices. 
The second update that stood out to me is an improved file upload option. Google Forms can now accept file uploads as responses from respondents outside of your domain. For a while now you have been able to create questions to which respondents upload a file as a response. That option was previously limited to only accepting files from people who had a G Suite account in the same domain as you. (The caveat to this being that your domain and the respondent’s domain both allow cross-domain sharing). 
The third update of note is a new option to choose your own default settings for new Forms that you create. This means that you could set default point values for quiz questions on every Form that you create. 
A new response validation option is the fourth update that some teachers will appreciate. Google is calling this feature “intelligent response validation.” This means that if you ask a question like “what is your email address?” and the response isn’t a properly formatted email address, the Form will prompt respondents to correct the submission. 
Finally, there is a new option to move entire sections of a Form through a simple drag-and-drop. This works the same way as reordering individual questions. 
It’s important to note that it could take a few weeks for all of these new features to appear in your G Suite for Education domain. 

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