If You’re Still Using Delicious, Stop and Try Something Else

Delicious (Del.icio.us), once the darling of the Web 2.0 bookmarking community, has been sold again. This marks the fifth time that the service has been sold. This time it looks like this is really the end for Delicious. The service was acquired by Pinboard who earlier this week announced that on June 15th Delicious would become a read-only site. This means that if you’re still using Delicious to bookmark websites, you’ll have to find another way to bookmark after June 14th.

In Pinboard’s announcement it was mentioned that they will be reactivating the option to export bookmarks from Delicious. As of this morning, that option is still not available.

If find yourself looking for a new way to bookmark and share your favorite websites, I recommend using either Google Keep or Diigo.

H/T to Lifehacker for the news about Delicious and Pinboard. 


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