One Simple Thing That Can Make Your Blog Better

I am frequently asked for advice about blogging. That’s probably the result of blogging for more than ten years and publishing more than 12,000 blog posts. The piece of advice that I give more than any other is, be consistent.

Consistency in blogging means two things. First, publish on a consistent schedule. It helps your readers know when to expect your next posts. It helps you develop blog posts because you have a schedule to stick to. Publishing on a consistent schedule is especially important in a school setting because if you don’t show that the blog is important by publishing consistently, your students and their parents won’t think it’s important to read your blog consistently. I’ll cover this topic and many others in Blogs and Social Media for Teachers which starts tomorrow at 7pm EDT.

The other meaning of blogging consistently deals with consistency of purpose. If your blog post topics vary too widely too quickly, your readers don’t know what to expect from you and don’t have a clear reason to come back to your blog. Of course, if you’re an incredibly dynamic person who leads a super-interesting celebrity life then go ahead and write about whatever the heck you feel like on any given day. I’ll be talking more about this topic in From Blog to Job in June.


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