Microsoft Unveils a Newish OS to Compete With Chromebooks

Microsoft is clearly feeling pressure from Google’s Chrome OS growing popularity in schools. To respond to that pressure Microsoft has launched a new operating system they’re calling Windows 10 S. It is essentially a stripped-down version of Windows 10 that is designed to run on inexpensive laptops. Windows 10 S will restrict users to installing only apps that are approved through the Windows Store. Kahoot is one of the first companies to have their Windows 10 S apps approved.

Microsoft says that part of the reason for restricting Windows 10 S to only using approved apps is to improve performance of computers on which Windows 10 S is used.

Windows 10 S laptops will start shipping this summer. The prices are expected to range from $189 to $999. A one-year subscription to Minecraft EDU is included in the purchase price.

I was invited to Microsoft’s press conference this morning. When I was pressed for a good reason to attend, the PR rep told me “it will be worth it for your readers” but she wouldn’t give me any specifics. I declined their invitation to attend.

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