Q&A from Practical Ed Tech Live

Earlier today I hosted the second installment of Practical Ed Tech Live. Just like last week I answered the questions that were submitted to me during the previous week. I’m also open to answering questions submitted on the fly. Embedded below you will see the recording of the session followed by text of the questions that I answered live.

Practical Ed Tech Live Questions for April 6, 2017

Question 1
I love your weekly newsletters and have had the opportunity to try and share some of the resources you’ve shared. So…thanks!
I have a quick question. You shared how to add sound to Google Slides. Is there a way to add music as background throughout a slide presentation? I have a teacher who is having her students create a slideshow about the Great Depression and would like music to play as students’ work is being presented. Is that even possible?

Question 2
I loved your post about using Formative! I followed your example about inserting a Google Drawing and it worked perfectly. The drawback is the drawing has to be downloaded to be inserted and we are becoming a Chromebook campus…alas no downloading. Is there a way to insert the drawing without downloading it?

Question 3
During one of your Google Forms videos you had a student account so that you could join the class. How did you get that? I tried clicking join and typing in the ID and it wouldn’t take it…

Question 4
I thought it would be fun to do a class Kahoot-style game Sunday night to have some fun and end on a positive note as well as relieve some of their last-minute anxiety.
My thought was that they would see the questions, all choose their answer (like in Kahoot) and then I could pause and give feedback or just control when we move on to the next question. So they are all taking it at the same time, but we are all doing it from our own homes and I am still controlling it.

(I was going to email them the room ID number and they would have until 7:00 pm to log in… that sort of thing)

Well in Kahoot of course, students can’t see the question. Socrative doesn’t seem to fit the bill either so I am coming to you as you have reviewed many of the on-line games.

Is there one that we could play at the same time like this where students see the questions and are all taking it at the same time?

Question 5
Richard, is there a way to show locations on Google Calendar in the week view? Locations like different buildings in a school? I don’t want to have make different calendars per location because I know that could get too complicated.

Question 6
I’m following your very interesting blog since some months. I’d like to ask you about the tool your are using for creating this type of tutorial video: https://freetech4teach.wpengine.com/2016/02/how-to-create-collaborative-kwl-chart.html What is the name and where can I find it?

Thank you very much for your help, have a good day,

Question 7
Hey Richard, I am a teacher. I would like to know if there is a program for creating state maps in the US that will be able to show location of cities by using place markers? Not all cities, but designated ones in addition to showing major cities. This will be for a project involving travel and finding destinations using GPS google maps. Can you suggest one for me?


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