Quickly Create Bingo Boards In Google Sheets

Flippity provides teachers with easy-to-use Google Sheets templates. A bingo board generator is the latest template added to Flippity’s catalog of offerings. The bingo board generator lets you quickly create sets of unique bingo boards that you can print or have your students use online during a game of bingo in your classroom.

You can access Flippity’s bingo template from the Flippity homepage or you can access it from within Flippity’s Google Sheets Add-on. The Google Sheets Add-on is easy to use. My video embedded below teaches you how to use Flippity’s Google Sheets Add-on.

Applications for Education

Flippity’s bingo template could be handy when you want to create a set of unique boards for a review game. Or you could use the generator to create boards for a scavenger hunt activity on a field trip.


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