Search Strategies and a Webinar FAQ

On Wednesday at 4pm Eastern Time I’m hosting a webinar called Search Strategies Students Need to Know. Over the weekend I had a few people ask me what the technical requirements are for joining the webinar. The webinars that I host only require you to have a modern web browser installed on your computer. I use the GoToTraining platform for my webinars. GoToTraining does offer iOS and Android apps for those who want to participate on their mobile devices. If you’re joining from within your school, you may want to check with your IT department to make sure they don’t block GoToTraining.

In Search Strategies Students Need to Know you will learn why informational searches are the hardest types of Internet searches for students to conduct. You will learn how to help students break-down complex search topics into manageable pieces then put the whole picture together. You’ll learn how to help your students save students tons of time by thinking before searching. And you’ll how to develop instructional search challenge activities to use with students of any age.

Search Strategies Students Need to Know will be held live on January 18th at 4pm EST. Your registration includes the live webinar, unlimited access to the recording, handouts, and a PD certificate. Register here. The webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live session.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The types of searches that give students the most trouble and why they are so difficult.
  • How to get students beyond the first pages of Google results.
  • The search tools students often overlook.
  • How to create your own search engine.
  • How to develop engaging search lessons for students of all ages.

Register here.


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