Mentimeter Adds a New Way for Audiences to Respond to Your Slides

Mentimeter is a audience response tool that I’ve been using off and on for a few years now. Mentimeter’s core product lets you create polls and quizzes for your audience to respond to during your presentations. Your audience members can respond from their phones, tablets, or laptops.

The latest feature added to Mentimeter is called Quick Slides. Quick Slides lets you quickly create slides within Mentimeter. The slides have audience response options built into them. All you have to do is click on the response options you want your audience to see. Your audience can use thumbs-up/down icons, heart icons, or question mark icons to respond to your slides. The nice thing about Quick Slides is that you can use it on one part of a presentation but turn it off for another part of the same presentation.

Applications for Education
In addition to the Quick Slides response options mentioned above, you can also create poll and quiz questions to add to your presentations in Mentimeter. All of these response mechanisms can be used by you as a simple form of formative assessment.

Check out my webinar, Fun Formative Assessments to learn about other tools and strategies for conducting formative assessments. 


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