Learn English With Next Vista for Learning – Or Help Others Learn

This is a guest post from Rushton Hurley, the founder of the non-profit Next Vista for Learning.

Are you trying to learn another language? It can be hard to find good videos that are available for free to help, particularly if you’re trying to learn English, as businesses know there is a huge opportunity with the market of many millions of people wanting to learn the language. Large numbers of those learning English, however, don’t have money to pay for access to video libraries.

On the thought that creating hundreds of short videos would be helpful to students around the world, NextVista.org is building a free collection centered on sets of vocabulary items. Here’s the word “predict” from the Discussion Terms set:

For something easier, consider this video from the Days of the Week set:

Note that each video is part of a pair, with one subtitled for those needing the extra help of watching what is said.

Using the link below, you can share Next Vista’s English Language Project with those teaching English as a Second Language at your school. If you and/or your students are interested in getting involved in creating sets of videos to help with this effort, use the contact link on the page to let them know.

Learn more at: http://www.nextvista.org/projects/elp/


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