Showing Learning at a Higher Level Through Vocabulary

This is a guest post from Rushton Hurley, founder of Next Vista for Learning.

Can exploring a single vocabulary word show learning at a higher level?

One teacher in California decided to have students try focusing on a single idea from her English course, and one student decided to work with how language develops:

A key to deeper learning is getting students to go beyond simply identifying a term by showing its connections to larger themes. When the student can articulate more complex ideas within the story (“If this informal usage of the word didn’t drive lexicologists made enough…”), the resulting video can set the bar for others.

You can have students choose videos from the set of finalists from the 90-second video contests at to come up with ideas for how they can show their learning in new ways.

Editor’s Note:
Rushton Hurley is the founder of the fantastic educational video sharing site Next Vista for Learning. Rushton and I have spoken at the same conferences and shared meals many times over the years. If you get a chance to see him speak, do it!


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