How to Record a Webcam Video on Your Chromebook

Recording a video with the webcam on your Chromebook can be accomplished through the use of a free Chrome app called CaptureCast. CaptureCast, produced by Cattura Video, allows you to record the screen on your Chromebook as well as input from your webcam.

To record a video with the webcam on your Chromebook open CaptureCast in your browser then allow it to access your webcam and microphone. You can specify how high of a resolution you would like to use to capture your video. You can also choose your audio quality. If you have an external microphone connected to your Chromebook, make sure that you have it enabled before you start recording.

When you have finished recording in CaptureCast you can save your video on your Chromebook or upload it to YouTube, to Vimeo, or to Google Drive.

Applications for Education
CaptureCast could be a great tool for students to use to create video entries for classroom blogs. Rather than having students write blog posts, they can record short videos to talk about what they learned in class that week or to share their thoughts on a topic that you’ve posted for discussion on your classroom blog.

As I explain in Winning Blog Strategies, including video in blog posts is a good way to increase engagement on your classroom blog.


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