How to Insert Video Clips Into Adobe Spark Projects

Last week Adobe Spark added a new option to their video editing program. You can now insert video clips into your projects. Previously you could only use images, text, and audio in the videos that you created in Adobe Spark. The new option lets you upload video clips from your computer or iPad then trim them to length to fit into your project. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use the latest Adobe Spark feature.

Below you can see my full Adobe Spark tutorial.

Applications for Education
Here are a few ways that you can use Adobe Spark video in your classroom.

  • Create a short flipped-lesson with Adobe Spark. The recording tool makes it easy to precisely record your narration over the slides in your lesson. 
  • Have your students create video lessons. The slide aspect of Adobe Spark’s video tool lends itself to students creating short Ken Burns-style documentary videos. Have them use Spark’s search tool to find images to use in their videos or have them use a place Flickr’s The Commons to find historical images. I’ve had students make this style of video to tell the stories of people moving west across the United States in the 19th Century. 
  • This is the time of year for year-in-review videos. Use Adobe Spark’s video creation tool to make a video of highlights of the year. 
Adobe Spark is one of the tools that I recommend for creating Quick & Powerful Video Projects

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