Three Lessons About the Sound of the Human Voice

“I hate the way my voice sounds,” is often said by students and teachers the first time they hear their own voices on a podcast or video. This is because most people aren’t accustomed to hearing their own voices the way that others hear it. Why does your voice sound different to you when you hear it on a recording? BrainStuff has the answer to that question in the following video.

Exploratorium offers a related lesson that explains why you think your voice sounds great when you’re singing in your shower.

BrainStuff has another related video lesson titled Why Do Men Have Deeper Voices? Through this video students can learn how vocal cords change during puberty and how the length and thickness of vocal cords changes the sound of your voice.

Try a service like Vizia or EDpuzzle to create interactive quizzes based on these video lessons. You can learn more about both of those tools on page 20 of the free Practical Ed Tech Handbook.


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