Students Can Collaboratively Create Timelines on HSTRY

HSTRY is a neat timeline creation tool that I’ve been a fan of since it launched a couple of years ago. One of the features that makes it different from other timeline tools is that you can build quiz questions into your timeline. This week HSTRY added another nice feature in the form of collaboration. You and your students can now share and collaborate on the development of online timelines. The collaboration feature works just as you would expect. To collaborate on a timeline just click the “collaborate” button while you’re viewing your timeline then enter another HSTRY timeline user’s name or email address.

Learn more about how to use HSTRY in the video tutorials embedded below.

Applications for Education
One of the ways to use HSTRY that I’ve previously shared is to have students create timelines of their school year as a digital portfolio. For each month of the year students can add essays they’ve written, videos they’ve made, podcasts they’ve recorded, or maps they’ve made.


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