Flubaroo Compared to the New Google Forms Auto-grading Feature

On Monday Google Forms received an update that allows you to create automatically graded multiple choice and true/false quizzes. To do this just go into your Form’s settings menu and select “quizzes.” You can then specify point values for each multiple choice question in your Form. In that same menu you can enter answer explanations. The quizzes setting also gives you the option of letting students see their scores immediately after completing a quiz. The quizzes setting is convenient, but it is not as feature-laden as the Google Sheets Add-on called Flubaroo.

Flubaroo offers the option to grade fill-in-the-blank/ short answer questions. Additionally, you can use Flubaroo to accept more than one correct answer for each of the questions on your quiz. That is a great option when the answer to your question has multiple correct spellings (tsar and czar). Awarding partial credit for an answer is an option that Flubaroo offers too.

Flubaroo will let you send grades to students via email or by sharing in Google Docs immediately after they have completed a quiz or at a later time of your choosing. Printing grade summaries from Flubaroo is easier than it is in Google Forms at this time.

Applications for Education
The automatic quiz grading in Google Forms is handy for quickly giving your students a summary of what they know about a topic before you teach a lesson. Flubaroo is a good tool for when you are giving a more comprehensive assessment and want to be able to use a wider variety of scoring and reporting tools.


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