Stackup – Create & Track Reading Goals for You and Your Students

Stackup is a new service that aims to help you give students credit for time spent reading quality articles online. On Stackup you can create reading challenges for your students. A challenge could be something like “read international news for 60 minutes this week.” After creating the challenge you invite students to join it. Students can join by entering a challenge code on Stackup or you can invite them by email.

To get credit for reading quality articles students have to use the Stackup Chrome extension. When it is enabled the extension tracks how much time students spend on a relevant webpage and how many relevant webpages they’ve read. In their Stackup dashboards students can see their progress toward completing a challenge and they can share their reading data with you.

Applications for Education
Stackup could be a good tool for high school students to use to prove that they have read content related to topic that they’re studying in your classroom. I think the best use of Stackup would be in a social studies class in which students need to follow current events for classroom discussion.


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