Scrible Edu Helps Students Organize Research

Scrible is a free service that offers a nice tool to help students organize their online research efforts.

Scrible offers a Chrome extension that includes tools for highlighting, creating sticky notes, and altering the font on any webpage that you save in your Scrible account. Scrible also offers an option for formatting bibliographies while you bookmark. And to help you organize your favorite parts of articles Scrible allows you to compile your article clippings into one package accessible through your Google Account.

Scrible’s Google Docs Add-on provides students with access to all of their saved resources. From the Add-on students can insert inline citations into their documents. Scrible also formats a bibliography for students based upon the citations that they insert into their documents. MLA, APA, and Chicago style bibliography formatting is available through Scrible’s Google Docs Add-on.

As many teachers have pointed out over the years, automated bibliography generators don’t always format citations with 100% accuracy. That’s why Scrible’s Google Docs Add-on lets students edit the formatting of a citation.

Applications for Education
Scrible’s Google Docs Add-on could prove to helpful to students who are writing research papers that are primarily based upon online research. Scrible’s Google Docs Add-on does not support book or periodical citations unless students are subscribed to one of Scrible’s paid plans.


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