How to Add Label Clouds to Blogger Blogs

Adding a label cloud or tag cloud to your blog can provide visitors with a convenient way to search for older content within your blog. Rather than scrolling through your archives or performing a keyword search, visitors simply click on a label in the label cloud to find all of the posts related to that label. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to add a label cloud to a Blogger blog.

Applications for Education

If you regularly label your the posts on your classroom blog, your students will thank you for adding a label cloud. When they’re reviewing for final exams they will be able to simply click on a label for the topic they’re studying and find all of the resources that you posted on that topic. That’s much easier than trying to search through the blog archives for the month or day that you posted that handy review guide on the War of 1812 or the Pythagorean theorem.


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