Vibby – Annotate YouTube & Vimeo Videos on Your Own Site

Last fall I wrote a couple of posts about a new video annotation tool called Vibby. Over the last few months the Vibby developers have been hard at work to add some useful new features for teachers.

You can now use Vibby to annotate Vimeo videos as well as YouTube videos. To annotate a YouTube or Vimeo video on Vibby simply grab the URL for the video and paste into the Vibby editor. Once inserted into Vibby you can highlight a segment on the video timeline. Vibby then play only the sections you’ve highlighted. Click on a highlighted section to add a comment to it.

Vibby’s annotation tool can now be embedded into your blog or website. To do this you embed your Vibby profile to your blog or website. Once your profile is embedded into your blog or website you can start annotating videos directly on your blog or website.

Applications for Education
Vibby can be a good tool to have students use to analyze videos. For example, you could ask students to watch videos and identify people who make consistent eye contact, who pace their presentations well, or any other characteristic that you want them to emulate when they deliver their own presentations. You could also have students use Vibby to identify and highlight examples of people using logical fallacies in debates, identify forms of advertising and manipulation, or highlight the best arguments made in a presentation.


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