Perspecs Shows Students Three Sides to Every Story

Perspecs is a new app that aims to provide users with three sides to every news story. On Monday through Friday the free Android and iPhone app offers a selection of articles about current topics in the news. The topics could be breaking news or they could be topics of a more evergreen nature like national education systems.

I tested Perspecs on my Android phone by selecting one of Friday’s topics which was “Is China Best for Education?” The app then presented me with three articles on the topic. Each article took a different position on the topic. I was able to read all of the articles within the app.

Applications for Education
Whenever I have taught current events courses I have worked hard to try to present a balanced selection of news sources to my students. Perspecs won’t eliminate the need for me to do that, but it will help me find a balanced set of articles on topics we’re discussing in class.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing Perspecs last week.


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