Cloudschool – Create & Distribute a Variety of Multimedia Courses

Cloudschool is a free service for creating and publishing multimedia lessons. In your free Cloudschool account you can create courses of study for your students. Within each course you can create and distribute multimedia lessons arranged in a variety of formats. You can create lessons that are purely text-based or you can create lessons that incorporate images, audio files, and videos. Into all lessons you can add discussion questions for your students to reply to within your Cloudschool course environment.

You can make your Cloudschool lessons public or private. If you have a lesson that only includes text and images, you can download your lesson as a PDF or DOC and print it to hand-out to your students.

Creating my first lesson in Cloudschool was a very intuitive and easy process. Watch the video embedded below to learn more about how Cloudschool works.

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