Tagboard Offers New Features for Following Hashtags Across Multiple Networks

Tagboard is a tool that allows you follow a hashtag and see all of the Tweets, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ posts about it in one place. Last year I created a tutorial video about Tagboard in which I demonstrated its primary features. Today, Tagboard added some new features that teachers will probably appreciate.

Tagboard now offers some post moderation tools. You can now block or remove posts and users within a saved Tagboard. Within a saved Tagboards you can now filter by keyword, post type, and or social network.

Applications for Education
Tagboard can be a good tool for tracking trending news stories with your students. The new moderation features will be helpful if you are planning to display a Tagboard in your classroom. Before displaying the Tagboard go through and remove any content that you don’t want to share with your students.


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