How Does the Electoral College Work? – And Election Outcomes Explained

The United States will choose a new president this year. Students often ask why the process is not as simple just having everyone show up to vote on a given day in November, counting the votes, and declaring a winner. Here are some resources to help students understand the process of choosing a new President of the United States.

Primaries & Caucuses:
In the video below Keith Hughes explains the differences between a primary and caucus. Most importantly he explains how a caucus works.

CGP Grey explains primary elections in the video below.

The electoral college:

This TED-Ed lesson offers a short explanation of the Electoral College by answering the question, “does your vote count?” The video for the lesson is embedded below.

Common Craft offers The Electoral College in Plain English.

Who won? – Outcomes explained.
The outcome of every election since 1900 is explained in this series of lessons created by Keith Hughes.


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