Find an International Teaching Job Through Edvectus

Edvectus is a service that helps teachers and school administrators find international positions. The basic function of Edvectus is to provide a search portal for people looking for international teaching positions. You can search by job type, grade level, job function, and region of the world.

Teachers who register on Edvectus can take advantage of more than just the international teaching job search engine. As a registered user teachers can access many guides to the process of securing a job in another country. Some of those guides include advice on crafting resumes and cover letters, understanding different types of international schools, and what to expect if and when you get a job offer.

Registered Edvectus users can also gain access to discounts on services that many teachers need when moving to take a position in a new country. Those services include visa processing, money transfers, and a variety of documentation needs.

If you’ve ever considered teaching abroad, take a look at Edvectus to get started on your way to teaching in a new place.


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