YouTube – It’s Not Just Cats & Khan Academy

My workshop today at the Ed Tech Teacher Google Jamboree was all about YouTube tips and tricks. In an effort to come up with a clever title I called the session YouTube – It’s Not Just Cats & Khan Academy. In the session we looked at search settings, playlist construction, privacy settings, and video production and editing tools that are built into YouTube. The outline of the workshop is copied below. A handout from the session can be found at the bottom of this page.

1. Search tools.

2. What’s inside your YouTube account:

-Embed playlists to automatically update in your blog/ website.
-Subscribe to YouTube channels.

3. Creating videos.
-Audio slideshows
-Add text boxes to your audio slideshow.
-Webcam recordings – video blog entries.
-Mobile uploads with the YouTube apps.
-Create slow-motion videos.
-Blur faces.
-Stabilize footage.
-Creating choose-your-own-adventure videos.
-Adding captions to videos.
-Adding custom cover art to your videos.

4. YouTube privacy settings.
-Comment and ratings moderation.

5. Organizing your YouTube channel.
-Playlist sequencing.
-Channel homepage.
-Channel sections.


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